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Heavy Duty GYM & Fitness Club Equipment and Apparels

Heavy Duty GYM & Fitness Club Equipment and Apparels

Trouser and Tank Tops

This is our family business. The first time we used to do this work, we are now the s

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Our Needs

The way food is important to meet our body’s needs. As a result, a exercise is also very important for a healthy life so that we can get our lives well served

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What We Do

Most wonder when the best time is to do Body Building training. But is there really an exact equipment kit of protective gears into your workout that will benefit your body? Many trainers have looked at this in a number of ways, but there has been no significant proof of when the best time of day is to do your exercise/training. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding on when to do your GYM / bodybuilding training. By following a few simple steps, you can make your training most effective. When you use best instruments techniques of the GYM / Club. Awish International is leading name of manufacturing world on bases of top quality products deliveries to customers. This is our family based business and 2nd generation serving this business according to customer desire and market trend. In which includes top quality apparels & accessories to make to comfort and easy wears for your protection from mishaps with your body. We have huge range of fitness accessories like Power belt, Leaver belt, Neoprene belt, waist belt, Skipping/jump rope, singlets, Tank Top, Shorts, Trouser, Fleece suit, Jogging Suit, Knee wrap, wrist wrap….etc.


Awish International

This a Family based business and we are a good known name in manufacturing of fitness world. We are reliable and responsible company, We continually develop new and attractive design of products like a brand. We prefer wholesale business yet we accept any require quantity of new customer to make a good and long term business relationship.

Our main products lines are Body Building, Cross-Fit, Yoga Weightlifting and our most popular products are   Neoprene belts, nylon belt, weightlifting belt, power belt, power lever belt,leather belts, skipping rope, jumping rope, jogging suit, fleece suit, Gloves, Grips, wrist wrap, Strap, Hooks, short, singlet, trousers…etc. We are making all those products who protect you during your exercises and use top quality materials for long life usage.

We do not compromise on quality Because we well knows when a customer sell products rapidly with out any complain then our business is su

Neoprene Belt

Fitness Belt

ccessful. So there is no chance to ignore any week point manage the quality.

We hired high skill teams for quality control and production and management pay personal attention in all deportments to see every operation under their supervision.

Health is Real Wealth 

You already know bodyweight lose exercises are legit. They work whether you’re at the gym, in a park, or any where you feel comfort. But there’s an easy way to up the ante without adding equipment: jump. Incorporating explosive movements into your favorite exercises—squats, lunges, etc.—makes them psychometric and cranks up the fire-burning power.

Psychometric exercises are explosive movements that will increase your power. Overall strength,” says Katie Dunlop, CPT, creator of Love Sweat Fitness. When you perform these types of movements you must wear proper clothing. You should use all require protective accessory as well So that you save your body with mishaps.

Awish International brings all kind of accessory and clothing for you with attractive designing and color scheme. Once you deal with us you will found our prices are very friendly then others. We ensure you in time deliver according to our settlement.