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” Awish International ” is family biased business, and excellent place of your expected standardize products. We full fill your all requirements ‘quality’ workmanship’ Services….etc. We are Specialize manufacturer and supplier of All kind of Neoprene belt, Training belt, weightlifting nylon belts, weightlifting power belt, weightlifting Gloves, Hand Wraps, Skipping Ropes, wrist rap, knee pads, Rash guards, Ladies skin fit trousers… etc.


Professional Weightlifting products are makers providing manufacturing facilities according to international stander and demands. We are providing staple and a standard for quality in gyms all over the world. However, We also produce a small range of accessories including wrist wraps and belts for discerning lifter. A good quality leather belt is an essential item in the gym bag of all but the most inexperienced lifters and Awish International effort harks back to one of the most popular designs ever to grace the platform at Olympic games and world championships.


Weightlifting belts are ideally suited to those interested in power sports. Our weight lifting belt is made out of top quality processed leather & nylon belts for maximum comfort and the back support section ensures safe training, A weight lifting belt is used to reduce stress on the lower back while a person is lifting in an upright position and prevents back hyper extension during overhead lifts.

Weightlifting belts strap tightly around your torso, which increases the intra-abdominal pressure and holds your spine in a neutral position. The belts help to keep your back in that safe position as you lift weights. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Most belts are made of leather and are wider in the back.

They feature buckle closure at the front. Power lifting lese heavier and stiffer than traditional belts and are the same width throughout the length of the belt. They also close with a buckle at front. Also available are belts made of softer, synthetic material that strap at the front of your torso with fabric fastener.

We are a reliable and responsible company and place great importance on customer relations. Once you begin working with us, we will try our best to please you with all your dealings with us.

1. Congruous prices & satisfaction of customer.

2. Never compromise at quality bases.

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Our quality will be not only good but excellent, also consistent in all aspects of production. We linked family basis with this business since 2001 here in Sialkot.

We would appreciate your interest and hope you will show your interest in our quality goods.

Assuiring you our best co-peration.